Processor's Debut Album: Innernet, Tracking Finishes Next Week

As we enter the final week of tracking for our LP, Innernet, it is a good time to reflect on the experience we’ve had since we began last year. It has been filled with exciting new ideas, and long working nights with no sleep. The intention was to view these songs from the perspective of a Producer. To this end there were many small changes that began to happen, once we were willing to drop any ego from the equation. The mantra became, “Whatever serves the song best”, so this was the approach we took. Songs like “Lost in Paradise” and “Forever More” were good examples of this philosophy, as they began to evolve into the tracks they have become. The goal was never to make a live-sounding album. You can hear that at any of our shows. We wanted to make a work of art, and we believe we have succeeded, but it would not have been possible without the collaboration of the talented artists that contributed to our project. And so, we’d like to reach out and thank all who’ve helped make this album a reality.

Michael “Mick” Kiner was the man we knew we wanted as engineer on our album, but his input on the album has proven so invaluable to us that he quickly took on a co-producer role. His experience and insight are an invaluable resource that benefited this album greatly. We will definitely continue to work closely with him in future endeavors. Next step, Mixdown at his urban legendary studio.


Michael Kiner at the helm during another long night.

In April, Marta Z added viola to “Gambling with God” and took this song further in to the visual territory we were looking for, with wonderful emotion. We could just sit around and listen to her play, as between takes, she was free-styling some incredibly beautiful music. This was the time period where the album started to take a different artistic shape with the creative additions Asher had written and we’d been waiting for.


Marta Z adding violin to “Gambling with God.”

Marta mentioned she knew an amazing cello player from a project she is in called Mardise.  She said he was exceptionally talented and could pick melodies up by ear. This was a relief to us, as we are illiterate heathens when it comes to this form of music. So, Erdis Maxhelaku came in to track for the song “Forever More” which helped bring that song as close to orchestrated perfection as we had hoped to ever get. Knowing that we had now found the perfect person to go to with any of our cello needs, we brought him back to add some vigorous bow attack to one of our heaviest songs, “Devices”. Expect to see these two amazing musicians playing at our CD release party, what they add to these songs takes Processor to a whole different level.


Erdis tearing it up on “Forever More” and “Devices.”


As we took a trip to Hollywood to see the two massive billboards Tyler is on, representing Processor for GoPro. We took this opportunity to record our friend Ariel White’s beautiful voice for the song “Gambling With God”. The afternoon we spent at her beautiful home, nicknamed The Lair, was refreshing and relaxing. It is a bastion of peace in a city that can be draining at times.

We can also not forget the night we spent in the studio with Brian Sheerin from Mower and Audio Addiction, who added vocals to “Freedom?”. This guy is a pro and a good friend and it’s awesome to have his intense energy on a song that screams for it. It’s been a pleasure working with him through the years on different creative projects, on and off the stage, and he’s always a great act to see live with whatever act he’s in at the time. We’re looking forward to the new Audio Addiction record hopefully dropping soon. Along with Brian, Sulo King also came in and added vocals to “How Bad” adding some extra needed bark to the song. His band Authentic $ellout is currently in the studio working on their newest record.


Processor with Brian Sheerin

Also, special thanks to the good people at GoPro for the cameras and mounts that allow the memory of recording this album and our performances to be captured in ways we couldn’t have before.

As we move into the mixing stage next week, followed by mastering, we are very thankful for our friends and the tremendous talents of those who’ve helped us achieve this work of art. We cannot wait to share it with the world in July and will be posting info on our CD release party as soon as we have a date and time for it. Until then, hopefully we’ll see some of you June 3rd for our show at Soda Bar in San Diego at 9pm.



Asher recording soulful guitar lines for “Down” on one of the final nights of recording.





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