Processor full-length album almost complete

We’re so very proud to announce the coming release of our first full length album, which is nearing completion, but also very excited to say we will be returning to Winstons in San Diego on April 3rd.

More info to come.

This is the best we’ve ever sounded on record and we have Michael “Mick” Kiner to thank for his genius, his art, and his incredible ear. We’re delighted to have his expertise on board as our engineer. Tyler is beginning the process of conceptualizing the art for the cover as well as beginning storyboards for the first music video from the album. It is the most exciting time for us as a band in our history. There will be several announcements coming over the next few weeks. Stay tuned…




Asher laying down the scratch track under Mick’s watchful ear. Day one of recording.


Jeremy on day one, absolutely crushing it.


Asher shaking snake sounds for the song Forevermore.


Tyler on the last day recording his guitars.



Asher laying down some sinister lap steel for the song Lost in Paradise.


Mick at the wheel. It has been a true pleasure working with this man on our album.





One thought on “Processor full-length album almost complete

  1. I’m looking forward to rocking Winston’s in April. We’ve never sounded better and our energy is at an all-time level. Getting in the studio has been a great re-charge and Mick has helped us explore areas of our music in new and refreshing ways. This truly is the most exciting time for our band and I am stoked for the direction we are heading this year.

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